NEWS REPORT - The weekly news report cover the latest news on all of our projects such as trading, investment and community building opportunities. 

Solar Farm - Solar Farm is a DeFi project generating up to 14.28% ROI per day under "normal" conditions and introducing a Solar token casino into the Metaverse. 

TRILLANT - Trillant provides a platform for staking the Trillon decentralized stable coin and becoming part of the ecosystem with new marketplaces such as Trillando, paying with your earned crypto coins. 

MONEY TREE - The Money Tree is an EA, also called an expert advisor or robot. The EA has a very high win rate and is capable of trading up to 17 currencies at the same time.

DECENOMY - Decenomy operates crypto exchanges and develops crypto coins that can be master node and staked. We show how to get started with shared masternode.

YIELD NODES - Yield Nodes is a complex, multi-tiered Node rental program based on the new blockchain-based economy.

The copy link trading is a service provided by Expert4x using trade signals from EAs, also called expert advisors or robots to trade Forex, Index, Metal, and Crypto without you having to know, own or buy the EAs.

PROFIT RETRIEVER - The Profit Retriever is an EA, also called an expert advisor or robot. The EA is capable of trading 24/7, 365 days a year depending on the type of trading the EA is setup for such as Forex, Index, Metal or Crypto trading. 

EXPERT4X - Expert4x provides both a free and a paid forex trading forum with available and downloadable EA set files to trade forex, index, crypto, and metal.

AI MARKETING - AI Marketing is a artificial intelligence marketing platform providing cashback for on-line sales. Setup your own sales robot and become the "Marketing manager".

ELEVATE PASS - Elevate Pass provides you the opportunity to buy advertising packages that Elevate Pass uses for AI trading which includes spot, future and DeFi trading 24/7.

TEAM OSKARSTRÖM MC-TJÄNST - Hi-Tech Investments is taking it into the fast lane, being the proud supporter of our first Moto-Cross racing team "Oskarström MC-Tjänst", supporting young and upcoming racing talents.  

All the below products have been tested over a period of time, and based on the extensive testing we have performed, it is our opinion that we can not recommend these products as a stable source of income for the long term.

GPS FOREX ROBOT - GPS forex robot is an EA (Expert advisor) that automatically trades for you on up to 4 currency pairs using the MT4 platform.  

TRIUMPH SCALPER - Triumph Scalper is an forex trading indicator for use on the MT4 platform on multiple different currency pairs.