Welcome to the PAMM website, your gateway to enhanced trading opportunities with our innovative PAMM account services. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and our expertise in the forex market, we proudly offer you the chance to invest with confidence and reap the rewards. Partnering with BlackBull, a trusted name in the Forex industry, we bring you seamless access to our proven trading strategies. Utilizing the Wave Liberator EA robot, we consistently generate stable monthly profits, all meticulously documented. Join us on this journey towards financial success and let's navigate the markets together, one profitable trade at a time.

The Wave Liberator EA is the cornerstone of our success, offering a robust trading strategy designed to generate stable income with minimal drawdown potential. 

With a focus on risk management and capital preservation, the Wave Liberator EA seeks to deliver consistent profits while mitigating downside risk. Our documented track record showcases its ability to achieve this goal, providing investors with confidence in its performance.

However, it's essential to recognize that while the Wave Liberator EA has demonstrated its reliability, it may not be suitable for everyone. As with any investment opportunity, there are inherent risks involved, and individuals should carefully assess their risk tolerance before proceeding.

At Hi-Tech Investments, transparency and integrity are paramount. We encourage investors to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice to determine if the PAMM service aligns with their financial goals and risk appetite. Ultimately, the decision to utilize our services should be made with careful consideration and understanding of the associated risks.

Invest wisely, and together, we can navigate the forex market with confidence and success. 

As a seasoned trader with 5 years of experience, we've honed our skills and developed a proven track record trading a diverse range of EA or Robots successfully. Our journey in the forex market has been marked by consistent profitability and a deep understanding of market dynamics. Now, we're excited to take things to the next level with the introduction of our very first PAMM account, leveraging our expertise to deliver exceptional results for our investors.

What makes us stand out? Our secret weapon: the Wave Liberator EA (Robot). Since its launch in August 2023, this powerful tool has been our go-to, consistently delivering profits in the Forex market. Click the button below to view our past trading results and expected profits during our time trading with this EA. Additionally, explore our range of videos for more insights.

Below you can find a real live account that we have traded since December 2023. This trading account has consistently been producing good solid profit month after month with increased EAs added and bigger Lot sizes similar to how we trade the PAMM account. 

Welcome to the future of forex trading with Hi-Tech Investments, where you can leverage the power of the Wave Libreator EA without needing prior experience or investing in your own robot setup. Benefit from hassle-free trading - no need to spend days setting up your robot or purchasing expensive software. Simply sit back and enjoy your monthly profits with our PAMM account.

The PAMM service is running and was launched on the 4th of March 2024, so click the button and get started setting up your account with BlackBull Market today, to join the many investors that is already enjoying our service. 

To help you get started you can download our setup instructions for the Hi-Tech Investments PAMM account right here.

The trading rules will be as per below:

  • Trading account in USD
  • Minimum investment amount $2,000
  • No maximum investments amount
  • No withdrawal for the first two month of each new investment deposit
  • Withdrawal once per month after the initial two month
  • Minimum withdrawal amount $200 per month
  • Performance fee 30%*

*In a PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) account, a performance fee is a fee charged by the money manager or trader based on the profits generated from the account. This fee is typically used to compensate the manager for their expertise and successful trading strategies. It serves as an incentive for the manager to strive for high performance and profitable trading outcomes. Additionally, the performance fee may cover operational costs associated with managing the account, such as research, analysis tools, and other resources utilized to achieve the desired investment results. Furthermore, a portion of the performance fee may also be allocated to cover royalties for the use of the EA or robot, ensuring that the developer receives fair compensation for their intellectual property. Overall, the performance fee ensures that the manager is appropriately rewarded for their efforts and contributes to the sustainability and profitability of the PAMM account.

By partnering with BlackBull Broker, an award-winning company, we ensure that we collaborate only with the finest in the Forex market to stay ahead of the curve. Click the button below to access your unique link for the BlackBull trading platform.

Before you connect with our trading service, it's crucial to have a solid understanding of how the  PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) and MAM (Multi-Account Manager) accounts in Forex trading allow investors to pool their funds together and have them managed by a professional trader or money manager. This provides an opportunity for investors to access the expertise of seasoned traders, potentially increasing their chances of profitability while diversifying their investment portfolio.


US, Canada, Japan, and any country that is ranked below 50.00 on the below list, can not be accepted by BlackBull: Ratings Table – KnowYourCountry