Welcome to the Lucky Trader website. The Lucky Trader is an EA, also known as an expert advisor, designed for trading in the Forex market. Hi-Tech Investments has an exclusive preview of the latest Expert Advisor (EA) from Expert4x! As a Premium Forum member, we've been granted early access to test this cutting-edge EA before its official release. During this test phase, one or more setting and trading strategies might change as this EA is still under development.

We are excited to share some insights on the Lucky Trader Expert Advisor provided by the developer about this innovative EA. The Lucky Trader Forex Trading Robot earns its name from its unique trading logic. According to the developers, whenever a trading direction decision is needed, it's made by the toss of a coin, essentially at random. Due to this randomness, creating set files is not feasible—decisions are unpredictable and cannot be pre-programmed. 

After entering a trade, the Robot employs various techniques from the Liberty range of EAs to manage open trades. These include an initial target, a basket closure target, pruning, lot size multipliers, and a gap size multiplier.

The Lucky Trader EA operates by trading two groups based on an initial buy and an initial sell, and it only trades one currency at a time. Backtesting has shown outstanding results with an excellent gain-to-drawdown ratio.

Here you will find the weekly testing progress with the Lucky Trader EA/Robot in a quick and easy profit overview. We trade the EA on 8 different currency pairs such as AUDCHF, AUDUSD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD.

The top 5 traded currencies of each week will be shared here and can also be verified through the FX Blue links provided below for confirmation. The posted results are presented as percentages adjusted for a $10,000 account.

The developer Expert4x plans to launch this EA commercially in late July 2024. However, as a valued Premium Forum member, we got an exclusive opportunity to test the Lucky Trader Forex Robot until the 20th of July. We shared our trading progress on this EA through a range of videos to document the progress below which gives you the chance to get a head start with its unique trading approach and become proficient before the official launch.


The top 5 traded currencies of each month will be published here and can also be cross-verified through the FX Blue links below for confirmation. The posted results are expressed as percentages adjusted for a $10,000 account.

We strongly recommend trading the Lucky Trader on a portfolio so we have gathered all the below pairs into one big portfolio all the below currency pairs so you can see what is possible. 

Before you connect with any trading signal, it's crucial to have a solid understanding of how the EA/Robot operates. This understanding will help you assess and manage the associated risks effectively while adhering to the recommended guidelines provided by Expert4x, the EA developer.

If you want to trade the Lucky Trader EA links we recommend that you use a minimum of $10,000 per account for any Forex currency to reduce your risk.