Welcome to the Trillant site. Trillant is the new and improved platform carried over from what was previously known as the Paraiba platform which is also covered on our website. The Trillant platform has been made simpler and consists of staking Trillant packs from 4 to 52 weeks with yields of 1.5% to 50% per year plus any positive development in the Trillon coin.

TRILLANT PLATFORM ECOSYSTEM 🔥 DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT DURING THE PRE-LAUNCH Welcome to the Trillant platform ecosystem presentation. The video will take you through the Trillant investment option that offers short and long-term staking options combined with their value token, stable pay coin, and the new exciting upcoming e-commerce platform called Trillando.

The pre-launch phase ends on the 30th of September 2022 so this is your opportunity to join and double your investment within minutes and still enjoy a yield of up to 50% over the next 52 weeks.

This video is an introduction to our passive investment project with Trillant formerly known as  Paraiba. The Trillant structure carries over many of the old Paraiba business sections such as its own bank, crypto exchange, messenger APP, real estate, and the new and upcoming online store called Trillando. The business provides an opportunity to stake the company's Trillon coin for the short, medium, or long term. 

This tutorial will help you get started on the Trillant platform that launched on the 24th of August 2022 introducing a new value token which is also a stablecoin with the US dollar. All old Paraiba members have their Paraiba accounts transferred to the new Trillant platform and we show how to navigate the platform and where to find what you use to have with Paraiba.

To learn more about Trillant you can check out the official Trillant videos here



With the TRILLANT Value Token, you can increase the value of your assets and investments. Choose the term duration of your preferred staking time, and gain weekly profit distributions.

All income and profits are paid out in TRILLANT Pay Coins. Get the best of all worlds by having the option to reinvest profits or to use an exchange platform to get paid in fiat currency.

The Pre-launch provides you with a special offer only valid until the end of September 2022 at midnight UTC. The token valued at 5 cents will be increased by Trillant to 10 cents once you stake your first package with means 100% profit.

The TRILLON Pay Coin is a decentralized stable coin and future currency - 1:1 to the American Dollar.

You can set up your own investment strategy by choosing short or long term staking.  

By choosing the long term staking strategy you will be able to receive a 50% yield of your original staking over 52 weeks. 

Within the Trillant platform, there will be an opportunity to stake at a higher price should the Trillon coin price go up which would lead to higher weekly profits over time. This will be at the discretion of the company.

Your weekly profits from the staking will be paid out every week and you can then decide to reinvest, cash out or use it to buy products on the Trilando shopping platform with your Trillon coins.

The Trillant platform also offers a balanced unilevel affiliate program covering 3 levels deep with percentage compensation if you should want to build a team.  

Please take note that the Percentage of the Affiliate partner program always refers to the Customer's Earnings and not the investment.

The Trillant whitepaper can be downloaded here and is information on the Trillant concept, market overview, Trillant eco-system with a roadmap to the future.

To help you get started you can download the Trillant presentation and "How to" PDFs below to assist you with staking and sending Trillion coins to the Unique Exchange (UX).


The Trillant platform started with Paraiba which was set up by CEO Erich Ely back in 2019 with a 5 year plan of taking the company to become a billion dollar company. The company owns its own bank and crypto exchange which is part of the many income streams that Trillant now enjoys. By August 2022 the company has become a $1 billion dollar company and continues to expand. On the 24th of August, the Paraiba platform transformed over to the new Trillant platform you see today. 

In order to assist you with the due diligence you will find the links below:

Website: Trillant 

Linkedin profile of CEO Erich Ely