Welcome to the Profit Retriever Expert4x site. The Profit Retriever was developed by Expert4x as an EA, also called an expert advisor or robot. The below videos are all part of the Expert4x support videos to help and assist you in getting the maximum out of the EA/Robot.

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Sharing 10 Proven Strategies and Settings for the Expert4x Profit Retriever automated trading Robot

0 to $130k. A client reviews the last 9 months in 11 videos showing the Robot Trading strategies.

25 forex trading tips to get the very best out of your Profit Retriever trading robot in 2023

How to trade the Profit Retriever. Settings, Strategies, Tips, Tricks and Success examples

Link your trading account to successful Robot traders and copy their proven trading strategies.

Expert4x adds the Pause setting to the Profit Retriever for better risk management

How to use 10 USD to trade Expert4x Trading Robots. PR Traders see 200 USD go to 26 000 USD in hours

Profit Retriever Tool to create and test your own Robot trading strategies. 12 strategies added

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400 000 potential increase for the Profit Retriever Robot and settings news Profit Retriever Owners

The Profit Retriever Trading Robot is positive in any price action. Strategy & Settings supplied

3 reasons why you should trade the Profit Retriever Trading Robot now

Profit Retriever Robot passes FTMO proprietary Trading tests

Flexible lot sizing strategies

Manage risk by reducing lots sizing (not by increasing it)

See the no loss Robot trading

Use 1c accounts to trade aggressive strategies and portfolios

A review of Profit Retriever trading concepts

Video to invite traders to test the Profit Retriever

Before you link with any trading signal please make sure you understand how the EA/Robot trades so you understand the risk involved and follow the recommended guideline set by Expert4x. If you trade the Profit Retriever we recommend that you use a minimum of $30,000 per account ($300 cent account) for Metals and Index trading. For Forex currency, we recommend a minimum of $20,000 ($200 cent account).